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Paparazzi fail! Alexandra Daddario was braless & they didn't get it on video

05.12.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Earlier this week we got a chance to see Bella Thorne bopping around West Hollywood braless in a white sweater, letting it hang out while hanging with friends. There were people who moaned about wanting to see video of the star with her girls dangling free, but it's more of a travesty that when the paps spotted Alexandra Daddario leaving a salon in WeHo, they could barely manage to get a few shots and no video. Not that we haven't seen Daddario's most famous assets, with the star having said that she was grateful her naked moments were staged & reimbursed when asked what she thought of The Fappening & other celeb nude leaks. While you don't see as much with Alex as you did with Bella and her piercings, there is still something hypnotic about watching the BAYWATCH star walk down the street unstrapped. Even more than her hypnotoad blue-eyed stare.
Source: Celebzz


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