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Pamela Anderson rocks the nudity for her new Paper magazine spread

02.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Just as we're starting to see the images from the new Dwayne Johnson lead BAYWATCH movie hit the internet, one of the original babes in those famous red swimsuits is taking it all off again. Pamela Anderson, a vocal supporter of PETA and the fight against animal cruelty decided to debut her new line of cruelty-free footwear with a naked photoshoot for Paper magazine's February issue. Nudity is nothing new to Anderson, the reigning queen of Playboy back when they were all about the nipple. I'm not going to say a damn thing about Photoshop because everyone else is already screaming about how much work they put into making Anderson look younger than her nearly 49-years. I'm simply going to point out that at that age, after having a couple of kids and leading the crazy rock star loving life that she has, I'd KILL to have a body that tight after 5 decades. Give the woman props, even if you have to forgive the bolt-ons that Hugh convinced her she needed. 
Source: Paper Mag


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