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01.18.2008by: Seth Gecko

My eternal love for Ellen Page continues gents as a great interview emerged recently where she spoke with the richest woman in entertainment, Oprah "I'd marry her for her money" Winfrey. I honestly can't stand Oprah and I never have found her to be interesting at all but I love to listen to Ellen and how sincere she is about everything. She's so incredible talented and so beautiful that it just turns my mind into mush.

To make things even better though, after Oprah has spoken with Ellen for a bit, the stunning Jennifer Garner comes out and joins the two of them on the famous sofas. Both her and Ellen just radiate together and I love seeing them both in the same shot. So as a special Friday afternoon treat gents, we've managed to scoop up the entire interview and posted it below for all of you to watch and cherish.

So enjoy gents and remember, don't ever let your better-half convince you that Oprah is terrific as she has most likely brainwashed your girl. I honestly believe that one day, Oprah is going to come on TV with a secret hidden transmission through our cable or satellite and it will turn all women who watch it into her personal slave army with the one goal to wipe all men off the face of the Earth. It's a conspiracy!....*crawls under his pillows*

Don't let Oprah scare you, this clip is worth the look!


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