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Page 3 glamour model Rhian Sugden is stacked

11.24.2015by: No Cool Handle

... and I mean seriously stacked. Not that this is any surprise. If you're familiar with Page 3 or Zoo Magazine you'd know that possessing a pair of large mammaries is a non-negotiable requisite for making it to the page. These are the British perverts responsible for putting busty, super hot babes like Keeley Hazell, Rosie Jones, and Rhian Sugden in the spotlight for all of the salivating, titty enthusiasts to enjoy. Here, the featured blonde is attending some famous English footballers birthday bash in a revealing white dress – and that's about it. No bra. That's one glorious wardrobe malfunction just dying to happen. Maybe she was looking to land one of this guy's teammates, or some other famous attendee. And just in case you're wondering: Yes, those are real. Another stipulation for appearing in the now defunct Page 3 was; the featured model could not be surgically enhanced. Those succulent skin bags are sculpted by the artisan hands of the Almighty himself.

Source: fabmansion


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