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Our only form of justice is street Justice. It has been served with a side of sexy.

This sexy, tall drink of water named Victoria Justice went out for a walk on the streets yesterday, and thank god someone was around with a camera so we can relive every step of her journey. At times Victoria seems to completely play into it, doesn’t she? Like it’s a legit photo shoot. She even does something adorable with a pay phone, even though she pulls her cell out shortly after. It’s so cute! And sexy. My only minor complaint about this fine piece of EYE CANDY would be that nose ring of hers, it just seems out of place and like a blemish on a certified masterpiece. But from a distance, it’s barely noticeable. Her overall sense of style and swagger, however, can not be ignored. And I just love the fashion trend of loose fitting tanks that let bras show through. There's something hot about it, like it's forbidden but it's obviously not because no real effort is being made to conceal anything. Victoria is just my type of woman, I guess. Brunette, leggy, and a great, GREAT smile. 

Source: NS4W


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