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Our good pal Candice Swanepoel returns with more pics of her bikini clad ass

01.13.2015by: Droz

I wont lie to you, it doesn't feel like bikini weather where I'm at. In fact it's friggin' cold right now. This is like get under a mountain of blankets or burn down the house for warmth type shit right now. Looking at Candice Swanepoel working her oft proven bathing suit-wearing skills on warm, sunny beaches is just cruel torment to folks living in parts of the world that make Mars look positively tropical. Don't even mention the cruel taunt inherent with any image of Candice in one of these Victoria's Secret bikinis. I suppose, just like pie, any time is a good time for Candice in bikinis. It's just that right now, with the wind blowing and the sky overcast and the trees bare and lifeless, I long even more to be with Candice on one of these sunny beaches.


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