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Our favorite leggy blonde, Kimberley Garner, plunges into Coachella

04.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Kimberley Garner does literally nothing other than be a beautiful human being, from all that I can tell and yet it's hard to get enough of it. The leggy blonde from the UK made recognizable by her time on the British reality show, "Made in Chelsea" is commonly seen on this site during her visiting to the beach wearing bikinis or her not-so-candid photoshoots in bikinis so it makes sense that she would show up this past weekend at the Coachella Music Festival wearing a flowing white hippie skirt (because it's a music festival, duh!) wearing a swimsuit underneath. The red one piece with the plunging neckline definitely was an eye catcher, although probably not moreso than those long, lean legs of hers. I have no clue who was playing music at Coachella other than Guns n Roses because all I care about is dated hair metal and the hot chicks who gather around to celebrate it.
Source: Daily Mail


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