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Oscar Hotties 3/3

02.24.2008by: Seth Gecko

oscarcornerbanner.jpgJust because a particular hottie favourite of yours wasn't at the actual ceremony last night doesn't mean that they weren't celebrating at the parties afterwards. Every part of the Oscars itinerary was just flooding with hotties last night whether it was the luncheons, champagne parties or just places where celebrities can go and get free shit.

So we'd like to dedicate our third and final coverage article to the gorgeous babes who decided to glam up and head right for the party right away. Tons of ladies came and out of all of them that you see below, Kate Beckinsale just blew my f#cking mind again. They should have another award at the Oscars that is presented to the hottest after-party attendee cause Kate would take it. Other babes such as Natasha Henstridge, Sofia Vergara (Look at her boobs!) and many more came so it was one hell of a party. In case you're not aware, music legend Elton John always holds an annual Oscar party which benefits the fight against AIDS in the world so many people always attend his parties.

Well ladies and gents, that brings us to the end of our exclusive coverage of the "80th Annual Academy Awards" and we all hope that you enjoyed every bit of it. I've worked my ass off all night so I'm going to get some rest soon. So enjoy the great AFTER-PARTY PHOTOS below and to see our previous posts, head on over to our "Red Carpet Arrivals" or "Ceremony Photos". A huge round of applause to all those who helped us out along the way!

The hotties photos below are in the following order: Kate Beckinsale, Natasha Henstridge, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Milian, Eva Herzigova, Sharon Stone, Petra Nemcova, Sofia Vergara, Radha Mitchell, Zhang Ziyi and Tia Carrere.



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