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Orogold cosmetics locked down precious jewel Alice Eve as their spokeshottie

09.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Me personally, I can't ever get enough of Alice Eve. She's womanly, with all of those beautiful curves in all the right places without ever looking as if she's over-aerobicized or too unnaturally thin. She has those bright eyes and alluring mouth that seems to be equally pleased, curious and sarcastic in one breath. But as much as Alice's beauty acts like a siren song for anyone attracted to beauty, I still don't think I'm going to feel compelled to go out and purchase anything from Orogold. You know those pushy salespeople in malls and shopping center, offering free samples from their kiosks, beckoning you to stop and try. In California, all of them have alluring accents, the last lady actually got me to listen for longer than 15 seconds because she was Italian and that voice was sexy when it told me that their products were better and didn't need fancy packaging or expensive celebrity models to sell them, cutting the cost for the consumer. I guess Orogold changed their mind. I can see why they would, if Alice was up for the propositioning. Still doesn't mean I'm going to spend $78 on 8 ounces of moisturizer.
Source: Superior Pics


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