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Orange you glad to be getting more of Bryce Dallas Howard's dino adventures?

07.31.2015by: Droz

One of the most shocking pieces of information I've received in recent weeks was that they have multiple sequels to monster hit JURASSIC WORLD in the works. What? You're saying one of the more potent combinations of box office records and pop culture nostalgia impetuses ever seen is poised for more of Hollywood's favorite way to cash in? I can't believe it. Okay, sarcasm mode off. This movie is definitely the big winner for summer 2015, but I'm not sure how much Bryce Dallas Howard had to do with that success. Chris Pratt seemed to be the real draw in this one. In fact, I think the rankings for most popular JURASSIC WORLD players are Chris, then the dinosaurs, and Bryce somewhere after that. I found her character fairly pointless in the broader scheme of things. Her one and only truly meaningful contribution to the film was letting that one special dinosaur out of its pen to do battle. Other than that, there's just gorgeous red hair, which was not quite good enough to draw the eye away from Chris and his pack of raptors, but still pretty good.

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