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Orange you glad Ashley James took a stroll in this tight dress?

03.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Knock knock! Or perhaps that should be knockers knockers, considering that British model Ashley James is most well known for her all-natural plentiful cleavage. I wonder what's going on here, seeing as how I found these images with the caption that they were from Ashley leaving Harvey Nichols, a shopping destination that UK residents visit for their trendy fashions. I say that because she recently did a PETA ad aiming directly at HN, posing with a skinned fox to criticize their decision to start selling furs again. Perhaps she went in to take a shit in a dressing room or something. I know I find women less attractive when I find that they're a part of PETA, mainly because they go into it with the "I LOVE Animals!" vibe (and the exposure that the ads give their careers) without fully understanding how f*cked up that organization can be. And especially since I can't find anything that describes James as being a vegetarian, let alone a vegan. So, take the boobs for what you will and pass on the rest?


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