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Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco swaps prison khaki for curvy red

02.13.2015by: Droz

The American Heart Association held their annual Go Red For Women event today, wherein various celebrity hotties don some red dresses and have themselves a little fashion show, all for the purposes of raising awareness of heart disease in women. Sounds like a good cause, but I'm cool with anything where hotties are given excuses to march around in tight shit. Among the group representing the ladies with heart trouble was Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco. She plays Dayanara, who in the course of the show falls in love with and gets knocked up by a guard in the prison she and the rest of the cast call home. Up to now it's been kind of hard to judge whether or not I could get into Dascha. The prison khakis they wear aren't exactly what I'd call alluring and playing prison inmates doesn't afford the cast much in the way of feminine refinements. That show also seems to punish any arousal the viewer might get from the show's various happenings by quickly swapping scenes of hotness with other scenes that are in no way hot. All that usually keeps me fairly muted where arousal is concerned.

Getting a gander at Dascha removed from that unpredictable prison environment makes me think I could conceivably get with her. I always knew she had some of that ghetto thickness to her, but it's nice to see all those curves removed from that baggy nonsense from the show. I've mostly been concerned with the understandably eye-catching goings on between Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon. Now I think I'll hold out some hope for Dascha getting a little conjugal visit action.



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