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Oprah Junior

05.29.2008by: Cherry Liquor

WTF happened to Tyra Banks? I remember there was a point in time when I would have been willing to lick the bottoms of her shoes in order to get close to her. I didn't listen to any of the haters talking about her breasts being fake. Tyra was HOT SHIT back in the day.

Then out come those swimsuit pictures of her looking less than Supermodelish and the world attacks her. She fires back by telling everyone who watches her daytime talk show that they can kiss her fat ass. And now she's being described in New York Times Magazine as being this fantastic brand name. “Her brand, like her trademark ‘tough but still smiling’ smile, is consistent in all her shows: serious about the frivolous; empathetic and empowering, and always, always aimed at young women, across all races. It’s girly TV with a punch," they write. Um, yeah... OK.

I can't stop staring at those mammoth hips. I'm not going the route of calling her fat, I think it's a bullshit cop-out when people take potshots that are too simple. I'm just floored that she looks so incredibly different than that chick who wanted so badly to be an actress that she helped destroy John Singleton's HIGHER LEARNING with her screechy, melodramatic delivery.

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