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Only Rihanna can make a spectacle of a pair of specs

01.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

Usually when sifting through the endless amounts of Rihanna pictures that pop up on the Internet almost hourly, I tend to only post the most readily available set that features a good amount of her best bits; luckily, she hardly ever goes out of door in anything that doesn't fully display her "bits." Then there's photos like these that are the exception – no see-through views of her perky, pierced titties or ass in a thong. This time she picked something else to accentuate her sexiness ... a thick pair of rims, and I dig the look. It goes to show you: it's not just her brazen boob bearing that makes her hotness apparent to fellows like me. She can pretty much make anything hot, and, even with the most conservative, innocent of looks, can inspire some down and dirty fantasies in which she's wearing nothing but those frames.

Source: NSFW


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