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Only Kate Upton could look this cute stuffing balls down her pants

09.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I love that Kate Upton has a smile back on her face. She took a bit of a break from modeling and some time off from the public eye after she was embarrassed by the leak that happened back in 2014 with the Fappening, that "hack" where people were able to get into all the naughty images celebrities had saved to their clouds. Since then, Kate has gotten engaged and returned to modeling and it looks as if she's having fun keeping fit, tying up her ponytail and tucking tennis balls into her tight pink athletic pants as she plays a game or two with her hunny, Justin Verlander. I'm sure there are plenty of you who would love the chance to shove your balls down her pants too, but it seems as if the couple is happily moving along with an anticipated wedding sometime in the as-yet-unannounced future.
Source: Daily Mail


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