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Only Diane Kruger's choice of underwear could outdo her leggy Cannes dress

05.18.2015by: Droz

Diane Kruger had a momentary lapse of modesty while hopping up on the pedestal they all stand around at Cannes while doing their varying and numerous press duties. The result of that oversight is that the whole internet now has a good idea about what kind of underwear Diane prefers. What can you say? Just one of those issues that only women, cross dressers and traditional Scottish men can understand. Honestly, moments like these make me relieved to be a guy who lives in a world where I'm expected to wear pants of some sort wherever I go. I'll never have to worry about my junk accidentally falling out from under my miniskirt for the whole interwebs to see and keep a record of for all time. What a horrifying prospect that would be for me and certainly for everyone else. Diane has the advantage of being the sort of person who can improve things markedly just by letting her nether regions out into the light of day, but I'm sure it's no less embarrassing. No worries, Diane. Be proud of the body you have. It's a beautiful thing.

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