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Only diamonds and Jennifer Aniston's pokies can cut glass

07.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

It wasn't until this past week I realized how much I missed seeing Jennifer Aniston and those nips known round the world. This is the second time in the span of a few days she's chosen to make an unsupported public appearance, only this time, it looks as though she was rubbing ice cubes all over her chest. How else do you explain her notorious nips going from pokies to something you could chip your teeth on. I mean, holy shit... Just look at those bad boys etched out in her tank top. Along with the ice, was she tickling them with a feather right before she left? They look enraged like never before and it has nothing to do with cool outdoor weather – we're in the middle of summer for Christ's sake. I have this feeling [that] many generations from now - long after the only thing left of me are my perverted (and often misogynistic) musings on the hotties of our time - Jennifer Aniston won't be remembered for the years spent entertaining us on Friends but for her belligerent pectoral peaks.

Source: egotastic


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