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One perk of a Selena Gomez meet & greet is snuggling up to her braless boobs

06.29.2016by: Droz

I really have to hand it to Selena Gomez for being so friendly and close with her fans after her Revival Tour shows. I know this is the standard thing now for many a celeb performer. They can't just run off the stage, duck into a limo, and drive away anymore. Nah, the fans demand more than that. They want to reach and out touch them for some selfies they'll never look at again. Unlike some celebs I've seen doing this, it seems like Selena genuinely enjoys this part of the gig. She's not afraid to let them get close. Even the slightly creepy dudes who are way too old to be at a Selena Gomez concert can get snuggly. I find it kinda funny how many guys there are here. You'd think it would be all 14-year-old girls, but apparently plenty of older dudes are willing to fork over some cash to get their Gomez cuddling on. I can't say I blame them. I'm thinking about how I might get me a VIP Revival Tour pass, so I too can hug it out with Selena.

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