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One last round with Christina Milian's booty to close out the week

09.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

We certainly have seen a lot of Christina Milian looking sexy these past two weeks. Almost to the point where I'm convinced her adherence to a strict jogging schedule isn't motivated by an obsession to stay healthy. Based on her accepting demeanor, when it comes to being photographed by the tenacious paparazzi, I believe the curvaceous MILF is addicted to the positive way in which people react to her spandex covered ass. How much time do you think she spends perusing comment sections under photo sets documenting her life on the jogging trail? I'd be willing to bet she has a list of websites dedicated to celebrity babe watching bookmarked in her browser. You have to wonder what is stopping her from becoming a world-class entrepreneur; she's got the whole supply and demand thing down pat.

Source: NS4W


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