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One certain thing in this world is that Baywatch pics beget more Baywatch pics

04.20.2016by: Droz

I'm sure it's no accident that these BAYWATCH location pics seem to come one after another in isolated spurts. Now that they've moved the filming to Georgia for some reason, they have a whole new excuse to start putting out more T&A shots. And since yesterday's round was heavy on Alexandra Daddario, it's only natural that they give equal time to her co-star Kelly Rohrbach, who continues to successfully vie with the much beloved Alexandra for eye candy goodness. Although there is a little Alex at the end of the gallery below. So after countless posts about the goings on with this movie, it's clear they've got the sexy lifeguard part of this movie's equation down. But will it be watchable? I know the original show sure as hell wasn't, no matter how much Pamela Anderson pre-Hep-C titties it showcased. Something tells me this movie will suffer similarly in the overall entertainment quality area. But then you never know. Maybe they'll surprise us all. I'm not gonna keep my hopes up.

Source: GotCeleb


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