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One arm can barely keep Ashley Graham's bare boobs contained

09.23.2016by: Droz

Supposedly Ashley Graham's sort of nude spread in this month's Grazia UK magazine is for members only. Fortunately nothing stays secret on the internet for long - especially when it involves fine ass hotties like Ashley taking it all off. It must be a real challenge for her to keep those big ol' titties contained like she is here. In fact, it looks like Ashley could use some help. Unfortunately the lucky asshole guy who put a ring on her finger is currently doing that job, but there's a long line of candidates who would gladly take over should things not work out there. I like to think that job would be a hoot, not just because of the obvious reasons, but also thanks to Ashley's positive attitude. All the shit she gets from dickheads has taught her it's better to just say "f*ck it" to the haters and have a good time. I love that about her. She's just enjoying the ride, bumps and all.

I recently found a little video of Ashley demonstrating some of her workout tips. Yeah haters. Ashley does work out. In fact, I'll bet works out more than most of you do. She's certainly got me beat. My cardio for the day is usually walking over to the mailbox and back. Although she's getting my blood pumping just watching her do her thing on a workout mat.

Source: Grazia UK


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