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On or off the runway, Shanina Shaik can work the room

08.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

On this auspicious evening a flock of the world's finest supermodels partied at the W Dubai hotel to celebrate its opening. Amongst this gaggle of gussied up gals – comprised of Nina Agdal, Hannah Ferguson and Chanel Iman Shanina Shaik stood out. Not only because of her red-hot minidress, but the way she wore it. Which is to say: like a seasoned purveyor of all things sexy. Even when she's not on the clock Shanina's ability to own a room is palpable. I imagine her entrance interrupted the night's festivities for a brief moment, that moment when everyone in attendance was scrambling to pick their jaw up off the floor. If only she wore something this complementary to every public event (hell, even to the grocery store), her marquee value would f**king skyrocket. I would've never thought among five of the world's top models, picking one would be so easy. However, on this occasion, Shanina Shaik seems to be the obvious choice



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