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Olympic hottie Lindsey Vonn goes low cut with some healthy butt

06.30.2016by: Droz

Someone spotted Lindsey Vonn coming out of a restaurant the other night, dressed up in something I can only describe as "look at these" clothes. This is obviously a girl who wants folks to check her out. Well alright Linds, I'm game. Definitely like what I'm seeing.

I'll bet Lindsey is happy she chose a winter sport to excel in, what with all the chaos unfolding down in Brazil in the lead up to the 2016 Summer Olympic games. I hear they found a mutilated dead guy washed up on the beach where they'll be playing the volleyball matches. Add that to the list of terrifying things one can expect to encounter at this years games, the rest being crippling and fatal disease, robberies, rapes, killings, widespread corruption, and the potential for mass rebellion if not outright civil war just to name a few. Yeah, sounds like the perfect place to hold a global celebration of cooperation and peaceful competition.

Why doesn't the IOC just find an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and make that the official Olympic games island. Then every 4 years they'll amass their approved collections of secret steroid freaks from around the world there, so they can go swim and run and jump real fast to the delight of the dwindling few who give a shit about such activities. That way they can bypass the whole bankrupting cities or sometimes entire developing nations thing. Oh, and also avoid spreading deadly diseases around the world. Give it a think, Olympics officials. Check out Lindsey ass as well while you're at it.

Source: GotCeleb


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