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Olivia Wilde stole grandma's curtains to make her dress

02.26.2016by: Droz

My grandma had some lace drapes oddly similar to Olivia Wilde's sexy little number, hanging in her parlor all throughout my childhood. I always enjoyed the cool patterns of sunlight those drapes produced on her olive green shag carpet. And now, so many years later, I enjoy how all that lace wraps around Olivia's bod. I'll always have some special memories of Olivia, but I'm rather disappointed in myself for not having the same draw to her after she got married and had her kid. Is that some sort of instinctual male thing, whereby we are prompted to seek other women once we find them in a stable situation with another guy? Maybe it's just me. I know a few guys who look at a wedding ring as a technicality and actually enjoy persuading women to stray from their marriages. I don't know. I guess I preferred Olivia when she was single and kinda wild. Settled down Olivia just isn't as stimulating to me, despite being just as beautiful. I'm weird like that.

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