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Olivia Wilde sets the bar for engagement celebrations to unreachable heights

03.18.2013by: Droz

So while the majority of you were apparently NOT out seeing BURT WONDERSTONE this weekend (a few stills of which can be seen below), the much lusted after Olivia Wilde and her boyfriend Jason Seudeikis just went on living their happy life as an engaged couple. That's the bad news, for those who choose to look at it that way. Hey, no reason to get depressed about that. It's not like any of us had a shot. What's really, really, REALLY, great about their relationship is how Olivia chose to celebrate the strengthening of their relationship bonds. If the reports are to be believed, and I have no reason not to believe them if only for the sake of my own fantasy fodder, it would appear Olivia treated her new fiance to a little champagne room fun at the Penthouse Executive Club shortly after their engagement became official about a month ago. That's freaking awesome, right?!! It gets better. According to sources at the club:

"Olivia booked the private champagne room with two dancers. She took Jason inside, and while he wasn’t allowed to touch the dancers, she could touch them."
"The source continued with a lot more detail that cannot be printed in a family newspaper or gossip column, adding, 'They were in there for two hours, Olivia picked up the entire tab. Jason is a lucky guy.'"

NOOOOOO!!! We want the details! What's wrong with you people? Aren't you supposed to be a news organization. Yeah, I realize it's just The New York Post, but they at least pretend to have some journalistic integrity. Where's your determined, journalistic probing to find the truth at all costs? Olivia Wilde was spending two whole hours fondling strippers at a fancy New York strip club. Why are you not digging for every last detail of that sublime moment and publishing it for all to read? This has got to be the biggest journalistic failure in decades.



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