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Olivia Wilde keeps it tight and casual

Sure, it’s not all that “glamorous” of a look and it’s far from revealing, but I absolutely love Olivia Wilde’s style here. Maybe that’s just because it’s her and she looks amazing in and out of everything she wears, but I enjoy being able to imagine what a lazy Sunday afternoon would look like with someone so mega-hot. Perhaps it’s just the hipster in me talking, but a plaid shirt with tight jeans just makes me that much more attracted to her.

She should enjoy the time while it’s here, because now that TRON 3 has been scrapped (thanks for that one, TOMORROWLAND) her phone is guaranteed to be ringing off the hook with offers to fill her schedule. I have to wonder how she feels about the TRON sequel getting canned, or if she’s OK with it because she also felt TRON: LEGACY was a waste of time and space. I mean, I’m thankful for the images of her in costume that will stay in my spank bank forever, but it’s not like anyone walked out of that one like “daaaaaamn that shit was the mad notes!” so I think we should keep our sights looking forward to better, if not necessarily bigger, things from Olivia. 

Source: Popoholic


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