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Olivia Wilde is back on the market

02.09.2011by: Droz

That's right, people. Olivia Wilde has apparently gotten tired of all the day-to-day doldrums of life with her fabulously rich and dreamy Italian prince and has decided to put herself back into the game. Because she can do so much better, you know? Hunky princes worth billions are a dime a dozen. She needs to finally get serious with a true man. She needs the kind of man that splits his time between multi-hour sessions in front of a TV screen battling orc hoards and scouring auction sites for the best deals on obscure television show DVD box sets. That perfect man who will go out of his way to clear stacks of comic books and crushed Cheetos off the couch, so that she can enjoy that BSG marathon.

The man who can determine the optimal cleavage to bikini top ratio, thanks to hours and hours of dedicated online research in darkened rooms with the sound turned down. A man who will buy her a talking Star Wars card for their anniversary.

In other words, a real man. Glad you've finally come to your senses, Olivia. I'll be waiting for your call.

Extra Tidbit: Who am I kidding?
Source: People
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