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Olivia Wilde is all kinds of moody hotness in her 70s retro duds

10.19.2015by: Droz

As I was preparing these pics of Olivia Wilde filming some scenes for her '70s themed Terence Winter HBO series Vinyl, that Chicago song "No Tell Lover" came on the satellite radio. It created an appropriate retro music atmosphere with which to view said pics. In fact, I recommend going out and finding that song and listening to it as you go through the gallery below. That song puts to music many of my thoughts about Olivia. Other than the whole "no tell" part. If I was with Olivia, every damn person in the world would know about it. I'd take out ads in the paper declaring it. So hot she is, especially when handling phallic-shaped awards:

Mother of god...


Source: NSFW


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