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Olivia Wilde contributes to the preggo hotties in bikinis trend

04.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
For all of you fellas who think that getting a lady as lovely as Olivia Wilde is impossible, keep in mind that Jason "Dad Bod" Sudeikis is the dude who has knocked up the actress for the second time without even having to put a ring on it. Seriously, look at him:

He looks like absolutely any other dude hanging on the beach with his family only his family includes a baby mama like Olivia. The couple announced kid #2 with an Instagram shot of Wilde sitting next to their first son, Otis, while they both held their bellies. Considering that Olivia is one of those actresses who traditionally is a bit underweight while not with child, she's one of the hottest ones with a bump. Remember that one Golden Globes when she was just about to pop? And she's not shy about breast feeding either, so ogling her mom boobs is also on the horizon again!

Source: Pop Sugar


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