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Olivia Wilde channels her sexiest 70's disco diva on set of new HBO show

07.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor
After taking a blink-and-you-missed-it break from acting to be pregnant and give birth to her son Otis, Olivia Wilde is now back in full swing with her acting career. There's the upcoming drama with James Franco, BLACK DOG, RED DOG set for a release sometime later this year as well as two different shows for HBO. "Doll & Em" sounds more up my alley, a comedy featuring the constantly underrated Emily Mortimer and her best friend and assistant, Dolly Wells, following their adventures as they traverse the rocky landscape that is Hollywood. The other is a as yet not fully titled show co-starring Bobby Cannavale (again, one of the best who's only recently started to get his true due), a drama about the music scene in New York around the late 1970's. Because that means getting the super sexy Wilde into period costumes, we're all going to get to enjoy her frequently braless state in those polyester and very clingy dresses. I'd like to think that Amy Adams did that fashion era best in AMERICAN HUSTLE, but Olivia might just have what it takes to top her. As for the show, Juno Temple is in it, therefore I want to watch it. No offense to Liv, Juno just brings magic with her.
Source: Daily Mail


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