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Olivia Wilde brings back the blonde while taking away her bra

02.09.2017by: Droz

I don't think a lot of people remember the fact that Olivia Wilde is actually a natural blonde. It's been so long since she wore those locks. I think you'd have to go back to her days on The O.C. to see that version of her.

Olivia Wilde Blonde

Olivia has been doing the brunette thing for quite a few years. Ironically, she's the one hottie who didn't really need to do so, at least for me. I've enjoyed her thoroughly in both hair styles. I don't know about the 2-tone thing she's got happening here for these pics of her and Kate Mara, who it seems may have had some influence on Olivia's hair styling choices. Even so, there's not a whole lot that could damage Liv's goodness in my eyes. She could shave her head and still be beautiful. I do like that she's getting back to some of that highly sexual vibe with which she was once so synonymous. I could be wrong, but I do think I spot a little nipple action peeking out from under that suit jacket, under which she appears to have on nothing at all. That's the Olivia we know and love.

Olivia Wilde blonde braless

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