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Olivia Munn swimming in shallow waters on social media

06.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

It wasn't just Blake Lively swimming in THE SHALLOWS this weekend, nerd catnip Olivia Munn took to knee-high waters in a bikini that appears tailor-made for her body type. Speaking of body type: with an anatomical build like that, you have to wonder why she doesn't saturate social media with underwear selfies, bikini selfies and even implied nudity. She's got the make up for creating awareness; a helpful thing to have during down time between feature films or whenever she finds herself out of the limelight for a lengthy period of time. That kind of photogenic figure is a means to keep the wheels on the attention machine greased. Why, up until now, her body hasn't looked anywhere near as perfect as it does in these self posted pics? – I couldn't tell you. I spent many man hours studiously going over all things Olivia and I can't remember a time when her form left me in awe. While they lack in quantity, over the course of a mere two clicks, the quality stands out.

Source: InstaGram


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