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Olivia Munn was eager to please at the American Music Awards

11.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

The 2016 American Music Awards turned out to be something of a call to arms for swarm of A-list hotties looking to make a lasting impression. Yes, that's what's supposed to happen at award ceremonies, but this year was a skin show worth getting excited over; as if Hollywood's finest all signed a petition that pledged their intention to fully participate. More than just celebrating a year of musical talent, lovely women like Olivia Munn saw the AMA's as an opportunity to openly declare their opposition to that symbol of oppression: the bra. As you'll no doubt see throughout the coming coverage, our ladies of the red carpet opted for plunging necklines, a lot of leg and sheer fabric – and in most cases, they wore an outfit with all three of those sexy distinctions. You needn't strain your eyes to see Olivia Munn's nipples; they're there, along with much of her exposed flesh. Munn (36) proves she can hold her own when competing against a slew of twentysomething year old pop singers, in a way only a woman who has plenty of experience bringing the heat can.

Source: Got Celeb


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