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Olivia Munn shines in a metal skirt at London premiere of new X-Men flick

05.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Olivia Munn definitely looks the part of Psylocke, one of the mutant baddies in the upcoming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, but she's also fighting to have people believe she's the physical embodiment of the character as well. Recently Munn posted this day one/final day comparison photo to her social media accounts:

In an effort to make sure she was getting as much fight training for the role, Olivia ended up losing 12 pounds with her daily on-set workouts. Then again, this is also the lady who talked about all that great sex she's been having with sweetheart, NFL star Aaron Rodgers, so that might have contributed to the whittling of her waist as well.

All of the women at the London premiere of the movie have been looking outstanding, from Jennifer Lawrence in that icy-white body hugging satin gown to Sophie Turner rocking her nubile figure in that see-through black number. I hope the theaters are installing some plastic covers for their screenings because this seems to be the X-MEN that wet dreams are made of. 

Source: Daily Mail


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