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Olivia Munn once again makes it fun to be a science geek

02.15.2016by: Droz

I always feel kinda sorry for these Scientific and Technical Awards folks they award Oscars to at the separate event they give the 20-second knod to during the main show, just to make them feel like they're part of it. If I was those people, I'd be getting a serious kids table feeling from the whole thing. I wonder if these scientific and technical nominee's get the $100,000 gift bag with the vacations and spa treatments? Probably not. This year they did get one very special consolation prize by having Olivia Munn host their award banquet. These are all folks who spend several hours a week sitting in front of a computer making comic book characters come to life, or futzing around in warehouses building realistic dinosaurs and robots. So taking a little time away from that to go to a dress up party where Olivia Munn hands you an Oscar with her cleavage showing must be like going to Cinderella's ball. The funny part is that a few of those geeks went right back to those computers the next day, probably working on getting Olivia's Psylocke cleavage looking just right for the upcoming X-MEN APOCALYPSE. Spread that little cleavage opening a little wider, guys.

Olivia Munn Psylocke
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