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Olivia Munn looking lovely in lace for the 2016 Guys Choice Awards

06.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's hard to think of another hottie that causes me to flip-flop more than Olivia Munn. Sometimes I think she's kind of average looking, other times I think she's fairly attractive. Then there's times like this, when she showed up to the Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards looking – dare I say – sexy as hell. That dress she's sporting may be see-through in the illusionary sense, but it served its purpose by providing a fairly accurate imitation of the real thing. You need only partially squint to trick yourself into thinking you're actually seeing her ass in a thong; an appropriate optical illusion for an awards show like 'Guys Choice', don't you find? The whole look works: from the pig tails to the turtle neck, the long legs to the high heels propping them up; everything was tailor-made and suited to compliment every last one of her features. On this evening, Olivia Munn went out of her way to give the boys exactly what they want.

Source: Got Celeb


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