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Olivia Munn looking downright beautiful at the Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

11.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

One thing you're not likely to hear from those who partake in celebrity babe watching: "She should take it down a notch." Such a notion runs in direct opposition to our base desires. It's an endeavor of greed (more women, more skin), as much as it is a never-ending search for satisfaction; we take what we can get while secretly yearning for it all – boobs, butt, you name it. Olivia Munn, however, could possibly be a rare exception. Restrained, prissy, proper, and dare I say it ... dainty, make for a much more satisfying Olivia Munn photo. This is, of course, just my opinion; but not a baseless one. I was unusually aware of the effect this very simple look had on me. Sure, there's a serviceable bit of cleavage on display but, still, this is a very conservative dress. The tasteful selection made more of an impact than expected. I found myself instantly taken aback, almost as if she was directing that signature smirk of hers right at me, triggering my impulse to share these lovely images. But what say you; plain or impactful?

Source: NS4W


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