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Olivia Munn is all about the orange for her new movie

01.07.2016by: Droz

Once again we're getting a movie no one was asking for, namely a sequel to RIDE ALONG. No one asked for it, but no one should be surprised that it's happening either. The first movie made something like $135 mil on a $25 mil budget. That's guaranteed sequel material. Ain't no way Hollywood isn't going to try to double dip on that kind of easy money. Normally such blatant sequel-making wouldn't register with me, but in this case they've cast Olivia Munn as the hottie meat in between the Kevin Hart and Ice Cube bread to complete this movie's sandwich of meh. Not a bad choice, as Olivia can at least bring some eye candy. She's good at that. I'm still challenged to see her as anything more than eye candy, but whatever she's doing is clearly working for her. She's got the new X-MEN movie coming up, along with ZOOLADER 2. Clearly those who were in need of someone to make their 2016 sequel sexier, went with Olivia. I wont argue with those choices.

Extra Tidbit: Is there any sadder sight than Ice Cube in an apron, making cookies? What has happened to my childhood heroes?
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