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Olivia Munn in Fashion magazine because she's always in fashion

04.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Alright, these magazines are getting plain lazy. It's one thing to be in Vogue or to have Glamour or to even be a Cosmopolitan kind of gal but when you're reduced to appearing in a fashion magazine called Fashion Magazine? You might want to give up and start over. Olivia Munn is the very fashionable cover model for the May issue of Fashion Magazine, where she is the subject of their "Age Issue" because at 35-years old, clearly age is a huge issue. The one thing that Munn wants to address are the complaints that have been going around recently about potential plastic surgery she may have had.

"Being multi-ethnic - I'm half Chinese, half white - brings up a whole set of complications that people don't even think about when it comes to being photographed," Olivia explained in the accompanying interview. "I have more of a white appearance on the outside, but my bone structure is very much Asian. I have high cheekbones and smaller eyes. When you put shimmer on the inside of my eyes, I immediately look cross-eyed. If you put too heavy of an eyelash on me, it looks like my eyes are halfway closed." Yes. That answers everything. Except, of course, if she's aware of this why she hires makeup artists who do crappy applications of precisely what she says she knows they need to avoid.


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