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Olivia Holt was extra adorable promoting The Standoff

09.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I am ready for Olivia Holt to break out from her current Disney teenybopper cyclone of terror. I'm too old for most of that stuff, finding it hard to tolerate even as kitsch, but good lord is this girl a pretty little thing with a magnetism that begs to be pounced upon. While on the show, "Extra," aside from being manhandled by the vampire Mario Lopez, Holt was all smiles to support her movie THE STANDOFF, a thing that looks destined for straight-to-video slash direct streaming, slash whatever it is they do with these movies nowadays. I'm more interested in CLASS RANK, another film that Olivia finished up work on recently, if only because it's directed by former 1980's ginger teen heartthrob (was he ever really a heartthrob?) Eric Stoltz. That guy has always been a head scratcher for me. It made sense that he didn't end up with the big post-awkward adolescence career, because being a redhead in Hollywood works primarily for the female gender, but the career that he had as an adult, ranging from the drug dealer in PULP FICTION to the child molester in THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT to directing teen movies of his own has been intriguing. Let's hope that we don't spend the next 20 years watching Holt in a similar trajectory. Sure, intriguing is great but she's too cute to be stuck with eking out work like that.
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