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Olivia Holt wants her booty to get some attention. Oblige her.

08.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Olivia Holt was one of many up and comers to attend Variety’s Power Of Young Hollywood event. We saw Ariel Winter's busty attendance, Sophie Turner's slinky arrival, and now, Ms. Holt doing her best to ensure the paparazzi get a decent back shot. It's clear to me, the power of young Hollywood lies where it has for generations before them: In the T & A. And why not? It's a tried-and-true, unfailing way to get noticed. Surely, no one would begrudge this fresh face for showing off an ass worth bragging about? We're but a few bikini candids away from Olivia's broadening notoriety; hotties this photogenic don't linger in obscurity for long. Her body of work is already familiar among tween's and pubescent males, and now she's trying to break into the pop star business with her recently released, debut EP, Olivia. What does that mean for her loyal followers? A lot more skin, that's what. If you want to be a major player in that game, flaunting your goods is an unwritten requirement.

Source: Got Celeb


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