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Olivia Frischer is too sexy for a swimsuit

12.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

At some point during their collaboration, Tyler Kandel and Olivia Frischer acknowledged her pesky swimsuit wasn't doing much to help the shoot and decided to ditch it altogether. The gamble paid off, especially for those of us who enjoy looking at Olivia rinse the sand off of her naked ass by rolling around in breaking waters. Seems like I've been waiting too long for a shoot like this from Olivia, always relegated to periodically checking to see if she posted anything sexy on her social media accounts. While these images don't focus so much on her face, you should know, this girl has an amazing pair of blue eyes and full, luscious lips. She's hot enough to contend with any one of Victoria's Secret's most stunning Angels, and is apparently lacking in the inhibitions department. This Girl is pure gold.

Source: Tyler Kandel


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