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Olivia Culpo shows she's even better when wetter for Esquire Mexico

10.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Former Miss USA Olivia Culpo is certainly representing us well in the pages of Esquire Mexico, showing off a talent that probably wouldn't have gone over well in the pageant world. Walking on a stage in your bikini is OK while posing in your skivvies while showering or dipped in a bath just might lose you your crown these days. Culpo has definitely moved on from the beauty contestant world quite well and is rumoured to have upgraded in the boyfriend department as well. Olivia had been dating the little Jonas brother, Joe, up until June of this year but as of late September has been seen stepping out with NFL star Tim Tebow. Tebow is well known for his claim of being chaste until marriage but I'm betting that Culpo might have what it takes to really test his gridiron will. We shall see...
Source: Saw First


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