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Olivia Culpo presents her plunging neckline at the NHL Awards

06.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

One way to describe a hottie like Olivia Culpo is a woman who has to beat them off with a stick. But what to do when she finds herself surrounded by a bunch of guys who also have sticks? - Hockey sticks, that is. She showed up to the 2016 NHL Awards Show (Awards like what? Guy with the most teeth left in his head?) looking so sexy, she'd need a f**king high-voltage stun gun to keep 'em away. Or perhaps the former Miss Universe went to the event looking for the right guy who can properly tend to her goal. Wearing a not-so-subtle dress with an extremely low-cut neckline put her in a most advantageous position; one where she can take her pick from any of the overly aggressive eligible bacholers. If you think those kind of dudes will punch the shit out of each other over a little black puck, imagine the mosh pit that would ensue if it was Olivia Culpo's affection that was up for grabs.

Source: Got Celeb


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