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Olivia Culpo gave us an Ocean Drive view of her cleavage at magazine party

01.17.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Olivia Culpo is the cover model for the most recent issue of Ocean Drive magazine, where she discloses that she was a chubby kid before hitting puberty and a bit of a dork because she carried around a giant cello case for a number of years. Of course, all of that paid off, seeing as how she went on to be a winner of the Miss Universe Pageant, where she derives most of her fame from. Since handing her crown over to the new winner after her reign in 2012, Culpo has become more well known for who she dates and how how she looks than much else, but she does make a ton of sense when guiding those wanting to know how she makes those good looks look so easy. "Naturally, I prefer to eat pretty healthy, but I am not the type of person who will count calories. I also drink about a gallon of water every day." Well, that's vague in a very pageanty way. I do think it's funny that she also admits that her parents found her scramble for beauty glory to be vain, even explaining that her mother wears no makeup and has no skin care regimen. It makes me want to know more about her, although I doubt she's going to be entirely forthcoming, having been groomed to be as demure and ambiguous as possible, lest ruffling any feathers. Which is kinda boring. I changed my mind. I'm fine with her just being pretty.
Source: Daily Mail


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