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Oliva Munn has no problem showing some ass for the 2016 Saturn Awards

06.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's no great mystery as to why Olivia Munn thought it wise to show up to the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards with her tight little ass in plain view. When I think of glowing, round, celestial objects, I most certainly think of her booty as well. Or maybe she confused this awards event with another: The First Annual Uranus Awards – sorry, I couldn't help myself. As you can clearly tell from the following pictures, she showed up on the red carpet with the bottom half of both cheeks seen through a very sheer dress. Unfortunately the northern region is shrouded in an opaque variation of the black cloth, effectively dimming any views of her pert tata's and, subsequently, dimming our hopes right along with them. Maybe next year there will be something called the Mercury awards and Ms. Munn will use that as a cue to turn up the heat. Until that day, there's plenty here satisfy your need for hot Olivia Munn content.

Source: Got Celeb


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