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Old Racist Hottie Pays

06.03.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Let's forget for a second that there's this thing called time and that it's got to pass and people have to get old. Time is what turns Michelle Pfeiffer into a "mom" character. Time is what makes Tyra Banks gain weight. Time even allows men like Hugh Hefner have the grounds to turn in one young tart for her 2.0 version. Time also turned Brigitte Bardot into a gross hag. So I'm choosing to ignore time today and remember her for the blonde goddess that she once was.

That is hard, however, as news comes out that she was recently fined over 23 thousand dollars for a letter that she sent to an anti-racism group on France. In December of 2006 she wrote the then Interior Minister of the MRAP and spoke on behalf of France saying that, "(France is) tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts."

She was referring to the Muslim ritual Aid el-Kebir, in which slaughtering sheep is a part of the festivities. Bardot has long been a animal rights activist and had been convicted four other times in the past for what her country refers to as "inciting racial hatred." Shit... if the Frenchies think that's bad, they should come over and watch a few episodes of whatever dating show is airing on VH1. You want to talk about inciting racial hatred against stupid bimbo white girls with fake tits, we specialize in that genre in this country.

Extra Tidbit: That sloppy blonde hairstyle has a name. The "choucroute" which means "sauerkraut."
Source: Yahoo News


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