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Oh, the Douche-ary!

10.31.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Kristen Stewart was actually a charming kind of underage hot in THE LAND OF WOMEN, but I'm not exactly sure what's happened to her since then. She's set to co-star alongside Robert Pattison, that epic case of emo-yuck pictured below in the movie TWILIGHT which all the young brain-dead tweens are going to flock to see and she's looking like a dried up prune. (The two are pictured here at the premiere in Rome.)

I've read some of the book series that the movie was based on. I also know that they were written by a bored Moron Mormon housewife. I don't deny her any of the fame or glory that she's gotten as a writer. I think there's a place for everything in the literary world. But I do wish that more parents were taking somewhat of an involvement in understanding what their kids are watching/reading rather than just blindly buying them whatever they want. The series of books relies heavily on the servitude of the female character to the male one, as if silently preaching some archaic religious doctrine. That's great if you're of that faith, but it can be dangerous if you're not.

Opinions and assholes. I've gots both of them. Take it or leave it. I can still ponder why two young people who look like such douchebags are going to be the new idols of American youth come late November. And I can disagree with it if I want to.


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12:26AM on 11/04/2008
Some sunlight would do wonders for her. She is pale as a ghost.
Some sunlight would do wonders for her. She is pale as a ghost.
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