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Oh hey! You Cannes see through Kristen Stewart's blouse!

05.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Deciding to forgo a bra is nothing new to Kristen Stewart. She did it earlier this week when she first arrived at Cannes for the CAFE SOCIETY photocall and about a billion other times when she's been snapped by the paps while out and about. I just love that she's getting this free while on the red carpet, especially at Cannes, where there is a high heel shoe requirement at the events. The evening after KStew did that photocall, she wore the same outfit but swapped out the heels for checkered Vans when it was time to head to dinner. While she's often sloppy or even slovenly during her downtime, Stewart has always whipped good stuff together for events, wearing interesting apparel that has no rhyme or continuity factor. If she wants to wear stripes, she wears stripes. If she wants to go sheer, see-through and braless, well, dammit... she looks damn good doing it. And all of those smiles she's been rocking lately are a testament to her no longer being under the sparkly thumb that came with needing to fulfill franchise requirements. While some might hate her, I actually adore this mild rebel. At least it's a f*cking change from the oft-times boring norm. 
Source: Hollywood Life


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