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OG Dislikes Kendra

08.18.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Who wouldn't want this woman to endorse their products? Imagine the prestige and credibility that goes along hand in hand with having the prolific Playmate Kendra Wilkinson make YouTube videos about how much she loves your shit! That's money in the bank, baby!

Well, not according to the restaurant chain, the Olive Garden. Wilkinson, while on a trip to Italy as a part of her show "The Girls Next Door," even went so far as to say that the eatery's goods were better than anything she'd had in the native country. But the people who have been pushing the family friendly advertising campaign for OG want the woman who takes off her clothes for a living to STFU.

While the most the men in charge would cop to was, "I dont feel comfortable talking about this . . . because it is a complicated issue for the brand,, Kendra has blogged on her MySpace account that she's not spreading the good word of mouth for money, but simply because she really loves the food. Damn. I wonder what would happen if someone took her to a Macaroni Grill.


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